Objects from a bygone era
Cut out, on a monochrome background, objects become dimensionless and weightless - it is impossible to estimate how big they are and how much they weigh.
Decorativeness as an attribute that expresses the past (like a postcard from the past). Although storytelling in its usual sense involves documentaries, it seems to us that artistic techniques have a right to exist if they carry some semantic load and help to reveal the story.
The items do not have any narrow specialization - all of them were once part of an ordinary household. This is important because the goal of the project is not to show a curiosity, but a former norm that has become outlandish today.
No background - no context. In this way, the objects each time acquire a new meaning depending on the viewer. If the viewer has never seen something similar, the object may "lose" not only its direct purpose but also its scope. It turns out that the viewer seems to reinvent the meaning of these objects, allowing them to find a new place in the world for which they were not created. Together with the viewer, a new context is created that gives outdated items a second chance.
The second part of the project - a documentary, which has not yet found a clear form - shows the real life of the objects depicted, since the native context of objects is no worse than what the viewer invents. Moreover, for the author, the real context is also a personal experience, since through it there is a return to life, a kind of finding of flesh and blood, a dear person who belonged to that very bygone era.