The project-game «Invasion», on the one hand, acts as a common professional practice, as a plein-air for an artist, on the other hand, reflects on how a person perceives nature. We are used to the fact that nature adapts to us – not by its own will, of course, but by ours. Today we are seeing more and more consequences of this attitude towards the planet. The issue of ecology is more acute than ever, because humanity has come to the line beyond which our future begins - either we will change our attitude to nature and start living in symbiosis, or humanity will die out because of its selfish and consumerist approach to everything.

«Invasion» consists of several still lifes created without preparation and additional materials that the photographer could bring with her. The only thing that appears in the project is a wire that helps to express the motive of how a person seeks to "correct" nature, not wanting to accept it for what it is. Still lifes are made up of materials found in the forest and left where they were created – they do not attract attention and organically fit into the environment. The artist dreams that someday people will learn to merge with nature in the same way in order to live in harmony with the planet.