Changes are all around you, in the city, in the world. Everything is so chaotic that it becomes scary. Therefore, there is a feeling, almost unconscious, to find something that has remained «motionless» in time: an anchor that will keep you in the storm, which will not allow you to get lost in the open sea.

In the last two years, the pace of changes in life has acquired some kind of absurd speed: events beyond the control of ordinary people are making adjustments that would have taken years, if not decades before. This year, this feeling has escalated to the point of impossibility – the war has begun to kill a lot of people: both literally, physically, and morally, especially this feeling of oppression, shame for their own country has affected Russian youth. Those who could afford left the country, so as not to face this horror every day, someone who could not, stayed and in order not to go crazy, is looking for support - some kind of constant that is impossible to change.

This project is a constant for the photographer, who found her support in the past: in childhood memories. Since the beginning of the war, the author has been walking much more often in the old district of Moscow, where she grew up and spent the first 18 years of her life. This area, like many throughout the city, has changed almost beyond recognition over the past 10 years. But even among these new features, old, familiar ones are visible – these corners of memory become a kind of islands of security. Whether it's an old skyscraper or the backyard of a school – all these motives make sense only in the context of subjective perception. That is why the photos are accompanied by texts-«scraps».