The project is a reflection on what place human occupies in the world.


The first layer of this reflection is related to the influence of a person on the world around him. Plastic – in this case, a plastic string of different colors – embodies all the technological discoveries that man has made in his history of living on the planet. The bright color of the string is, on the one hand, praise to the human mind, which has learned to solve incredible tasks and continues to do so to this day; on the other hand, the line, which stands out from the surrounding environment, almost fluorescent, seems to be an alien object, something rejected. Thus, the alienness of this element refers to the theme of ecology, to how man destroys nature by indulging his whims. Today we see that the attitude to the topic of ecology has begun to change, because humanity has finally realized its carelessness, although world leaders are still looking for ways to continue living as before, despite global climate change.


The second aspect in this project is the connection of man with nature. Despite its eye-catching appearance, fluorescent plastic is inscribed in the composition: it stands out, but is inseparable from the whole. It was difficult for humanity to realize this connection until we began to experience the effects of climate change on our own experience. Today, perhaps not everyone feels these changes yet, but the concept of «global warming» has long been entrenched in the everyday vocabulary of even the elderly.


The third layer of reflections was expressed visually – dusty images, fuzzy boundaries of objects, it is difficult for the viewer to look through the haze. The author offers the viewer to conduct a thought experiment – if a global catastrophe happens and humanity disappears from the face of the earth, what will it leave behind when nature begins to take its own? Imagine that in a thousand years alien researchers will arrive on Earth who want to find out who lived here in 2022. What will they find in the ground as a result of excavations? I would like these to be objects of our culture, and not plastic tubes and radioactive waste.


The motive of the global catastrophe is dictated by the general fear due to what has been happening around the Zaporizhzhya NPP in recent days. Carelessness and madness. Won't we become the new Pompei if the conflict continues in the same way? What will happen if the world is covered with ashes?